Serving Rural Northwest Missouri with High-Speed Internet Service

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Quality, Affordable Internet Service

Our goal is to provide the high-speed Internet service that you need, where you need it. We cannot service everywhere, but we can get service to a lot of places that otherwise can only get slow DSL through the phone company or a satellite provider.

Just give us your address, we’ll do a preliminary service check in our database and then if it looks like we can get you service, we’ll schedule a time to come to your location for a free site-survey to confirm that service is available.

Interested in Helping Us Bring Internet Service to your Community?

Do you know somewhere that is in dire need of better connectivity? Help us look into bringing service to your area. Here’s a few ideas to keep in mind:

Residential Service

Whether you are right underneath our tower or miles away, we can provide Internet service that allows you and your family to stream movies and television, work from home or do schoolwork, and even game…

Commercial Service

Businesses use our services to connect online, make phone calls (VOIP), process transactions, host websites and email, and more…

WiFi Symbol

We provide a wireless router for all of our customers, which helps us diagnose problems more easily.

Device Clipart
Connect All of Your Devices

Connect all of your devices and access the Internet on all of them.

Cloud Clipart
The Cloud

Harness the power of resources in the cloud from your home or business.

WiFi Tower
Local Towers

Towers on our network can provide you service 5+ miles away and with a low latency, unlike satellite providers.

Man Clipart
Work From Home

Need to work from home? Not a problem, just let us know what your needs are.

World Clipart

Always be able to connect to the online resources that you need.

Why Choose Us


We are your locally owned and operated wireless Internet Service Provider. Nobody likes the games that the big companies play (hidden fees, data limits, etc.), so we have opted to set ourselves apart by being upfront and honest with our customers.

Unlimited Data

Never worry about running out of data ever again!

24x7 Support
No Hidden Fees

We make sure you know about any fees that we charge up front.

Cost Saving
No Contracts

We never require any lengthy contracts.